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Registration Opens August 28th for 2018 Pond Hockey Nationals

08/22/2017, 10:00am MDT

Labatt Blue/USA Hockey Pond Hockey National Championships Returns to Eagle River, Wis.

Registration for the 2018 Labatt Blue/USA Hockey Pond Hockey National Championships will open Monday, August 28th, at 11 am CT.

Cost for the 2018 tournament will be $600 per team and each player must be currently registered with USA Hockey prior to the start date of the tournament 

All registrants must have a SportsEngine account in order to register a team in the tournament. (Formerly called Sport NGIN, your existing account will work under the new name).

Click here to confirm your SportsEngine account

Registration will open promptly at 11:00 am CST on Monday, August 28th. At that time, you can find a registration link on the home page of and register your team(s).

Rosters are NOT required on the day of registration.

Full payment of $600.00 is required at the time of registration. Acceptable payment options are:

  • Valid Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express
  • Paypal
  • Checking Account

Countdown to Registration


The Registration "" is not currently available.

Important Event Notes and Guidelines:

As always, this event is filled on first come first serve basis (no priority is given to any team for any reason).

When a division is “Out of Stock” it is sold out. Please select the "Wait List" option for your desired division. "Wait List" teams will not be required to submit payment at the time of registration. If your desired division is “Out of Stock” do not try and select a division lower than your playing ability. You can only advance divisions.

Registration Tips

Use these tips to ensure your registration process goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Be ready: Right at 11 a.m. CST on Monday, August 28th. Many divisions sell out within minutes.
  • Finish your registration: If you get to the end of the registration process and you are not asked to submit payment but you selected a division at the beginning it means your chosen division was sold out before you could complete registration. FINISH YOUR REGISTRATION, DO NOT START OVER. Your registration will keep the timestamp for when you registered. You may notice the division is blank and a rep from USA Hockey’s adult department will contact you to ensure you are on the correct waitlist.

  • Designate a captain: If you plan to register multiple teams it is recommended that you designate a captain to create a SportsEngine account and register each team individually.

  • Know the rules: Players must fit the age requirements for each division, no exceptions. CLICK HERE for Division descriptions.

    • Players can only be on one roster for the entire pond hockey event, no exceptions.

  • Divisions Matter: If you won your division last year, you must play in a division above, where applicable (age specific and high level divisions may be an exception). USA Hockey’s staff reserves the right to move your team if you register in the division you previously won.

    • Division disclaimer: Knowingly entering your team into an inappropriate division will not improve your chances of getting into your preferred division that might be sold out. Registering into an inappropriate division and also going on a waitlist for an acceptable division will move you to the bottom of that waitlist. Please sign up for the appropriate division or, if it’s sold out, put yourself on the waitlist. The tournament director(s) reserves the right to move teams into appropriate divisions/waitlists as needed to ensure parity across the tournament.

Team name policy for 2018:

Because USA Hockey’s website and social media platforms are visible to hockey fans of all ages, Pond Hockey team names must not be offensive to any particular group or individual.

While we encourage and enjoy creativity, we can no longer post team names online that may be sexually suggestive, discriminatory or harassing in any way.

USA Hockey will review all team names, and reserves the right to reject your team name, or in USA Hockey’s sole discretion to modify any team name deemed offensive by either abbreviating or shortening a team name.

Thank you for your cooperation in being respectful to all hockey players and fans.

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Adult hockey not only promotes a healthy and active lifestyle, it requires it. As adults get older, they increasingly need to emphasize regular exercise and a nutritious diet. There’s no easy way to go about it—but there is a fun, challenging and rewarding option that sticks with you for life:


That’s right. Hockey is part of the perfect prescription for an adults’ health regiment. Just ask Olympian and former NHL player Steve Jensen.

“Physical fitness is something we should all be thinking about as we get older,” says Jensen, a longtime certified USA Hockey coach/official. “There’s no better activity than hockey to stay in shape.”

Dr. Michael Stuart, chief medical officer for USA Hockey, says the positives of playing hockey are contagious.

“Participation in ice hockey provides all the benefits of exercise while building friendships and ensuring a fun time,” says Stuart, who is also the vice-chair of Orthopedic Surgery and the co-director of the Sports Medicine Center at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.

Dr. Stuart and colleague Dr. Edward Laskowski of the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center sketch out specific benefits for hockey players:

  • Prevents excess weight gain and/or maintain weight loss.
  • Boosts high-density lipoprotein (HDL), or “good” cholesterol, and decreases unhealthy triglycerides, a cominbination that lowers your risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier and more relaxed.
  • Improves muscle strength and boosts your endurance.
  • Relieves stress by helping you have fun and unwind, connect with friends and family, and be part of a team.
  • Involves physical activity that can help you fall asleep faster and deepen your sleep.

“Playing adult hockey is a great way to feel better, gain health benefits and have fun,” says Stuart, who also emphasizes maintaining a balanced diet. As for safety concerns, he adds: “The risk of injury is small in no-check, adult hockey games, but players should wear high-quality, well-fitting equipment, including a helmet and facial protection.”

The Minnesota-based Adult Hockey Association is starting to see employers embrace hockey as a health and performance benefit for its workforce. Some businesses are beginning to subsidize hockey registration fees for employees because they feel the activity fits the policy of their wellness programs.

“It’s not a lot, but we’re starting to see more and more trickle in,” says Dave Swenson, the AHA’s secretary treasurer who also serves on USA Hockey’s Adult Council and Minnesota Hockey’s Board of Directors.

Swenson wants this trend to continue growing, not just to see the number of players rise, but to reward players for committing to a healthy lifestyle.

“I’m hoping employers think about that a little more,” Swenson adds. “It’s not just softball leagues anymore. There are recreational hockey opportunities out there for adults.”

Hilary McNeish, a longtime player, ambassador, and current executive director of the Women’s Association of Colorado Hockey, says she sees the positive results in women’s hockey every day.

“There are so many benefits,” says McNeish, “but the quote I hear most from ladies is: ‘It’s like working out a lot, but it’s so fun, it doesn’t feel like working out!’”

Aside from the physical health gains, there’s also a mental side to the story that’s special to hockey players.

“There are so many positive experiences that come with it,” adds McNeish. “Being able to play a sport that so many deem difficult is also great for the mind and wonderful for your personal attitude.

“It’s great to see the looks from people when you can say, ‘I play hockey’”

Anchorage Classic highlights Alaskan hockey passion

09/06/2017, 9:15am MDT
By Dave Pond

Thank you all for your past participation and we look forward to another great event on the pond! As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Contact Adult Hockey Staff

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